Preparing A Forklift For Transport

25 November 2015
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If you need to move a forklift from one company to another, you will need to take proper precautionary steps in ensuring it is safe during transport. Forklifts are heavy and can tip or roll if not secured before being hauled. For this reason, most people will hire an equipment hauling company to ensure that the forklift arrives to its destination without damage. If you have a flatbed truck of your own and are confident you can make the haul yourself, use these tips to prepare your forklift for the ride. Read More 

Finding Good Value On New Tires

4 June 2015
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Replacing the tires on your vehicle is a simple maintenance issue, and though time frames can vary based on how heavily you use your car it's still a good idea to look for the best value. Very high-end tires can cost thousands of dollars, but for anyone driving a family sedan or a soccer-mom van the price tag should be considerably lower. In order to simplify your search, and get the most for your money, there are several places you can focus your efforts and a few things to look for from retailers. Read More 

Stay Safe In Winter: Tips For Winterizing Your Vehicle

6 February 2015
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When winter is on the horizon, you need to do more than just get your sweaters and coats out of storage to prepare; you also need to prepare your car. With the winter comes cold temperatures, snow and ice, and in order to ensure that your car is ready to take on these conditions is not only good for its health, but it is crucial for your safety. So, before Old Man Winter blows in, make sure your car is prepared to take on the hazardous winter weather. Read More 

To Fix Or Replace? Car Ownership Questions You Will Face

30 January 2015
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As a car owner, you rely on your vehicle a great deal in your daily life. It gets you to and from work and allows you to interact with the world around you. And, when your car is taken out of commission, either by an accident or a mechanical malfunction, you may wonder what you should do next. You will be faced with the decision between whether to repair your vehicle or to replace it with a new one. Read More 

How To Fix Chipped Car Paint

19 January 2015
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It's inevitably going to happen no matter how careful you are—you're going to end up with chipped paint on your car. You might accidentally bump your car into a mailbox or a runaway shopping cart might smash into it. Regardless of the reason, when you have chipped paint on your car, you have two options. The first is to take it to a repair shop for auto maintenance. If the damage is extensive or if you are uncertain of your own ability to make repairs, you should definitely consider turning the problem over to a professional. Read More